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A nostalgic expression of Shri Tanikella Bharani about Anaganagaa...!

Tanikella Bharani is an acclaimed playwright, poet, critic, singer, film director and one of those best actors that Telugu Film Industry has produced. Watch him explaining why telling stories to our children is very essential and where we are going to end up otherwise.

Watch to catch the rarest moments from the lives of Rajeev and Suma Kanakala

Suma & Rajeev Kanakala are one of those exemplary couples in the contemporary celebrity world. Despite their busy life style, they both are committed to spending quality time with their children. Watch them pouring down their concern for young ones. See what they have to say about Anaganagaa…!


  • Anaganagaa, would definitely help in edifying the imaginative and creative power of children as it stands out as a beacon for many them.

    Suma Kanakala, Actor / Director

  • When I read about the concept of Anaganagaa, I was in tears to remember those great characters like Pedarasi Peddamma, Tenali Ramakrishna, Maryada Ramanna who lived with us a few hundred years back. I was shaken to realize that the present young generation is missing to know about these characters.

    Tanikella Bharani, Writter / Actor / Director

About Us

Anaganagaa is a team of progressive minds with a single agenda of bringing smiles on to the faces of children and happiness into families. It believes in the truth that where there is a happy child there is a happy family and where there are happy families, there is a happy world. Anaganagaa does anything and everything to realize the core values of life and to help families and individuals to be complimentary to each other.